What service is provided?

This website connects earthquake survivors through Airbnb/share-house hosts who are offering their shower space and beds with victims for free, so that they are able to set their mind at rest by assuring their basic needs.

Who is able to provide the service?

Among victims, some spend their nights in the cars and many of them have trouble in finding places to stay.

Frequently Asked Questions


I am worried about things in the room being stolen and broken. What should I do if this happens?

Make sure to identify the person by SNS beforehand, or turn them down if you are unsure who they are. By following process it is possible to prevent trouble before it happens so that you can provide long-term assistance. *SNS means social networking sevice such as facebook, twitter and mixi.


I am concerned whether they will stay indefinitely.

Clarify the description of time period of help you are offering to prevent them from lingering around. Declare to each other in advance in the form like email messages would be helpful.

Service Flow

step 1

Agree on the following caution and note

step 2

Input residence information following form

step 3

Your information is automatically updated on website

step 4

The people will reach out to the contact directly. Decide whether you accept them after identifying who they are.

step 5

When your space is fully occupied, please contact the management team. We will remove you from the list.

Developer's Voice

Thoughts from Same Page Ltd,. CEO Takagi.

We are from the Same Page. I have been wondering if there is something I can do for people in Kumamoto. While thinking how I can help with my IT skills, I heard our colleague say that people go through difficulties to find a place to sleep and bathe. Also, he said that particularly adults often don’t feel hungry because of the nerve-racking situation. This motivated me to work on providing a safe environment where evacuees at least they feel like their basic needs, such as appetite, are met. Lastly, many people working on this service are in Philippine and Bangladesh, people all over the world are concerned and trying to find what they can do for Kumamoto. I will find myself very happy if this service can provide even a little help for earthquake victims.

About Us

Trade Name
Same Page Co., Ltd.
CEO Takagi, Akihiro
〒101-0047 Tokyo, Chiyoda, Uchikanda, 1 Chome−1−5

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